Yes, inter-year teams are allowed but inter B-school teams are not allowed.

Yes, PPIs will be awarded in campus round itself to select candidates based on the decision of the jury. It will depend on the research undertaken on Xiaomi while presenting the solution and how he/she handles the questions of our jury.

Yes, all the first year & second year students are eligible for PPI/PPO.

Only the team leader i.e. Member 1 of every registered team will be able to attempt the quiz or submit the case solutions after logging-in to the website.

The deadline of registration is 7th August 2022, 23:59:59 hours.

Quiz round will have 3 caselets and 10 multiple choice questions. Questions are designed to assess the decision being taken by the candidates for a particular scenario. Only the Team Leader i.e. Member 1 can attempt the quiz. Teams will be ranked based on the total marks obtained, and the time taken, hence teams are advised to submit and finish the quiz as soon as they are done.

The deadlines are –
a) Campus round: 14th August 2022 23:59:59
b) Cluster round: 30th August 2022 23:59:59
c) Final round: 7th September 2022 23:59:59

Cases can be accessed by candidates from the 'Status' page, who are in the top 10 of their respective colleges.

Some of the parameters on which the case study is evaluated are feasibility & innovation in idea, data points used, and market research performed.

Solve the case study from a realistic point of view. Think of the impact that the decisions are going to make from both the business and customer's point of view. One approach that you can use for solving the case study is situational analysis of the problem statement, conducting primary and secondary research, exploring different options to solve the problem statement, and detailed action plan for the recommended options.

The naming format for the presentations is InstituteName_TeamName for e.g. XLRI_Armada.

Teams of 2 are allowed for the competition.